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Do Each of My Properties Really Need A Website?

Reaching potential buyers and tenants for your real estate listings isn’t easy. Sure, you can host open houses, launch parties, post the properties on listing sites, and reach out to your connections, but that still might not be enough…

Buyers are more digitally connected than ever before and a whopping 85 percent of shoppers now research a product or service online before making a major purchase. A website serves your property in multiple ways and should be one of the first things created when your firm is listing a property.

1. It communicates what you’re offering

First and foremost, a kickass website will help highlight what your property and what sets it apart.

What to Showcase:

  • Building overview – specs, types of spaces, floor plans, etc.

  • Property attributes – property photos, renderings, 360 tours and video footage

  • Property Amenities - Any amenities, location, building community and culture

  • Accessibility – major highways and roads, public transit, airport access and more

  • Management - How the property is managed

  • What set's it apart - Why should people choose your building over the competition?

Giving people this information up front makes things easier for them and allows them to make faster decisions. It also saves them time as they can learn more about the property and what it has to offer without needing to physically see the building. This also saves you time by allowing you to better qualify leads.

2. Reach More People, Get More Leads

One of the most powerful aspects of having a property website is expanding your reach.

Utilizing great content, keywords and good SEO & SEM strategies, allows brokers to cast their property net more aggressively and expand their reach exponentially. The internet is a big place and you never know when the perfect tenant/buyer is going to stumble upon your listing.

Your property’s website can also be used to reach more people by combining it with other great marketing strategies including, email marketing, social media, event marketing and more. By expanding your reach and providing a resource that showcases your entire property, you significantly increase awareness and the likelihood of finding a qualified tenant or buyer.

3. It showcases your firm

The way you present your properties is key, as this reflects your company as a whole. The way you market your properties, reflects on how you do business and shows potential clients and investors how it will be working with you and how effective you are at not only finding them space but showcasing their space.

You want to make a good impression, and create brand recognition wherever you can. The more times people see your brand and are impressed with your work, the more clients you will receive.

4. It’s the perfect marketing asset

A website should be your best friend, as is your best advertising asset. This is true for any industry, but it’s extremely relevant for CRE firms and their properties.

After you get a website made for your property, you can utilize it in a wide variety of ways. From a quick text or email to a custom marketing campaign, social media posts, online articles, and more, It's all about increasing awareness and building momentum and a website is an effective marketing tool that has exponential advantages.

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